Who are we?


Avro Fabrication was founded by Jonathan Cook who has a dream and a love like no other for manufacturing custom furniture out of metal. Raised in a family who made their living through aviation, Jonathan's dream is to integrate his love of aviation into the lives of others. Jonathan's creations are custom one-of-a-kind designs inspired and derived from the actual structure of an aircraft.


Avro Fabrication started in an 8 X 8ft shed in the backyard of a military housing unit at CFB Borden, in the summer of 2013. The original product was a wing shelf that Jonathan built for his daughters, Dahavalin and Cessna, after which he continued to build more refined examples and as interest increased decided to start a company. In the spring of 2014 we moved to a larger location and invested in larger machinery to streamline production. 


Currently we work out of a hangar located at the Oshawa Airport. We currently operate out of a 6600 sq. foot shop with a small showroom where our products can be seen in person and an office to welcome visitors. 


Certified and trained to be an Aircraft Structure Technician, Jonathan possesses an inspired practical edge over all other producers. He has built his career around hand crafting and fabricating the very structure of aircrafts.